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PuraDymes OPTIMIZE Program was designed to optimize a healthy diet and lifestyle, allowing for better absorption of nutrients, while aiding in the bodies natural elimination process!

Based on a 30 Day Supply.

This Package Contains:

  • Cleanse 10 oz
    1 Tsp (4 Caps) : Take Cleanse upon waking & 1 hour before any consumption. This product is designed to aid in improving intestinal function.
  • LiyfZyme 500ct
    5 Enzymes with every meal: Digestive enzymes which will increase the life in your food by aiding in breaking down the nutrients for better absorption.
  • PuraLiyf 180
    6 Caps at bed : Literally the life in your food! Probiotics are an essential component of digestion and prevention of disease.

*OPTIMIZE Products can be exchanged for powder or capsules at your convenience. Additional charges may be applied to price to reflect these changes.