“Creating a personal “declaration for life” is a huge factor in setting up the direction for where we want our life to go. Once created, practice saying it out loud every day, a powerful declaration automatically begins to manifest itself in ones reality.”
~ Lou Corona


  1. How do you want to think?
  2. What brings you joy in life?
  3. How do you want to feel?
  4. How and what do you want to believe?
  5. How do you want to conduct yourself?
  6. What types of food and substance do you want to put into your body?
  7. What do you want the purpose of life to be?
  8. What inspires you?
  9. What kind of people do you want to be around?
  10. What kind of person do you want to be?

 Examples of Declarations

I am committed to the on-going pursuit of mastery.
To grow, evolve, and transform myself and then the world.
To create life-long serving habits in the areas of happiness, health, and wealth.
I choose to create my life by design, with an Attitude of Gratitude.

I declare from this moment forth to treat my body like the temple it is.
By eating and drinking  living, natural, healthy plant based fruits and
vegetables from the earth. I continually evaluate the energy output
by the live foods I choose to input. Every morning I smile at the sweet scent of the lemon
ginger blast. I practice conscious breathing,
yoga, walking, swimming, stretching, and other internal exercise on a daily basis.
Everyday I seek sun, clean air, rich water, and direct connection with the earth.

My mind is nourished though the gift of awareness. I engage in open-eye
meditation daily. I recreate my life though habits and craft my environments
for success. I intentionally go after what I desire and manifest it. Everyday I write
down 5 successes of my day in reflection. I am committed to reading daily and life-long
education. My communications skills grow constantly. I consciously evaluate what I choose
to let into my mind and remember to take out the trash. I smile often, laugh loud, and
choose to see myself in others. I habitually observe and seek to understand what is before
me. I am action, awareness, and accountable.

I desire wealth with a passion. Money is energy. I choose to become wealthy to enjoy
the ultimate freedom. I rule money, and pay myself first. I create passive
income that is greater than my expenses. My money consciousness expands every day.
I play the money game to win by creating a system and then duplicating. Everyday I work
on my systems and develop. I am committed to deliver value to the market place
by solving problems.  I practice karmic business by giving first.

The spiritual being inside guides my intentions. It transcends the ego. My spirit guides me
when to talk, when to feel, and what to do next. Always smiling, full of joy, in the pursuit of
enlightenment. I tap into my spiritual side and always remember to listen.
This is the light that shines in our heart.

I read my declaration aloud 3 times a day and will internalize this declaration in the pursuit
of mastery.

~ Blake Goodwin.


I, Linda Mae ask source for assistance = daily = with the following life plan/declaration:

I freely and lovingly forgive myself for any past, present or future “mistakes”.  I freely and lovingly forgive everyone past, present and future who knowingly or unknowingly hurt me in any way as I know I create and draw to me all situations.

My intention is to drink pure, structured, alkaline water. To bless and enjoy all drinking water when alkaline water is not available. My intention is to live everyday mindfully, checking in with my feelings and thoughts to feel appreciation for where I am, what I’m doing, and who I’m with. I always look for the “God” inside of everyone and to silently say to myself …love/peace..to all I meet.  I talk less and listen more. I grow, learn and share what my experience with those I meet along the path. To be peaceful, joyful, and to acknowledge – to myself – the magic of the moment.

To remember to stay centered during any “challenge”. I ask to be directed to the living foods appropriate for my body. My goal is vibrant, radiant health. My goal is to live a long, interesting, healthy life and when it is time for my transition, I want it to be healthy, happy, happy and healthy !

I am grateful for this life experience and for the opportunity to meet/interact with other like minded souls. Thank you in advance to source, all guides, mentors, and fellow travelers on the path of truth.  Life is so much fun !

~ Linda Mae.

 The declaration for my life is…

… that I and all are unlimited, powerful beings, created with the pure essence of love that is the creator. I join with my brothers and sisters in peacefully and harmoniously co-creating this reality and in being stewards of our planet, our home, our mother Earth.

I am consciously aware of my thoughts and always guiding them into being uplifting, empowering and compassionate, ever present, aware, and in the now moment.

I am grateful for the abundance in life that I see each day and for knowing that the source of all abundance is not outside of me, but a part of who I am.

I am a vibrant, electro-magnetic being, full of love, generosity, curiosity and joy.

I am fully responsible for my life and know that I am exactly where I should be and always have been. I am in awe and appreciation of all my creations. I extend quantum forgiveness and unconditional love to myself and by that, everyone, for we are all one.

Each day I go out in the sun, connect with the Earth and breathe slowly and deeply. I eat living foods, drink pure, natural, well waters and care for my skin and hair with ingredients that honor my body, our mother Earth and our creator and I inspire and support all in doing the same.

I am here to contribute to this incredible experience known as life by aligning my inner purpose with my outer purpose and serving and assisting everyone in their contribution to the whole. My work is in sharing my gifts and inspiring all to live consciously and deliberately, with intention, integrity and compassion. There is no limit to what inspires me, or to what can willingly be achieved as a whole, while living in this vibration.

This declaration is representative of the vibration of my true self and is my preference as a state of being.

~ Clementine Rawmydarling.